About Haley CG


My name is Haley CG. I am a head teacher in a lower elementary Montessori classroom in Ohio. This is my fourth year teaching full time, with previous experience assistant teaching and working at an autism resource center while in college. I recently joined the board at my Montessori school. I currently teach Language Arts and am the Intervention Specialist on my team of four.

Montessori Background

Having attended a Montessori school for thirteen years, I knew I wanted to teach in this environment. After graduating college I accepted my first position as a head teacher in a lower elementary classroom. I completed my Montessori training through NAMC in 2016. 

Higher Education Background

Graduated from Wittenberg University with majors in Education and Psychology. My Education focus was on general education from pre-school to third grade and intervention from pre-school to high school. My psychology focus was on human development and neuroscience. I have recently finished the RESA program and am looking forward to obtaining my professional teaching license. 

Beyond Teaching



Being a mom, hiking, exploring, reading, downhill skiing, paper and pen fun, writing, and organization projects.



My Grandma is one of the best Montessori teachers I have ever seen. I have the privilege of being mentored by her in the classroom.



Radical Face, staedler pens, Black & Red notebooks, discbound notebook systems, Branches book series and all Mac computers.