About Haley CG


My name is Haley CG. I am a head teacher in a lower elementary Montessori classroom in Ohio. This is my second year teaching full time, with previous experience assistant teaching and working at an autism resource center while in college. I currently teach Language Arts and am the Intervention Specialist on my team of four.

Montessori Background

Having attended a Montessori school for thirteen years, I knew I wanted to teach in this environment. After graduating college I accepted my first position as a head teacher in a lower elementary classroom. I soon began and completed my Montessori training through NAMC in 2016. 

Higher Education Background

Graduated from Wittenberg University with majors in Education and Psychology. My Education focus was on general education from pre-school to third grade and intervention from pre-school to high school. My psychology focus was on human development and neuroscience. Currently I am enrolled in Ohio State's RESA program. 

Beyond Teaching



Hiking, exploring, reading, downhill skiing, writing, and organization projects.



My Grandma is one of the best Montessori teachers I have ever seen.



Radical Face, staedler pens, Black & Red notebooks, discbound notebook systems.