Community Meeting

Meeting Master

One student, designated by the lunch seating chart is our Meeting Master. They sit on a small stool and lead the meeting with the teacher nearby. Some students might pass on the opportunity and not feel ready for it, but most are eager. 

Tidy up The Room

The meeting master asks students to volunteer to clean or tidy the room, and shut our classroom door. This is done by saying, "Can someone please get the pencil off of Table A?" 


Next, the meeting master can take acknowledgements.  The teacher should present the idea of what "an acknowledgement" is. Then students can say, "I'd like to acknowledge Joe for reading a book with me today." 


After acknowledgements, students might have a concern to bring up. The Meeting Master can facilitate the student bringing up the concern, asking what they did about it, and then taking peer ideas for how we can solve this. 

Reminders & Other

Sometimes, we might have time for reminders. Reminders are a time for students to simply bring up things that everyone in the class should know but they feel like has been neglected. Sometimes, there is an insightful question the teacher might have for those who want to volunteer answers. For instance, "What is something special you are looking forward to doing this weekend?" 

Grace & Dismissal

Following, the Meeting Master asks the class to get ready for grace. The grace person is designated by the seating chart as well. They say a line, and then the whole class repeats, until the prayer they chose is complete. 

After, the meeting master dismisses students by table and they begin to get their tables ready.