Grammar Drawers

A commonality that you will see in all Montessori classrooms is the grammar work. Some teachers decide to organize their grammar work in drawers, cases or file folders. In my classroom, I choose to organize in a lovely wooden grammar set that you can purchase here. The wooden chest of drawers is a beautiful addition to classrooms trying to feature Earth friendly, less plastic aesthetic. It is worth the money and will last you decades! 

The grammar sequence introduces students to concepts associated with: nouns, articles, adjectives, verbs, prepositions, adverbs, pronouns and interjections. There are beloved symbols associated with each parts of speech that will quickly be learned by students. You can find grammar work in Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary and even middle school classrooms, depending on the levels of learning in each classroom. 

There are several websites that sell the content cards that go with the grammar sequence. I am not sure which we originally purchased from, but I am in the process of creating my own cards to fit the needs of my students. I was finding that the first year students I would get would not be quite ready to read the material from the nouns, article or adjectives drawers, so I redesigned the cards to be more CVC, basic sight word or phonetic base. They are available for purchase here (nouns, articles, adjectives) if you are interested. 

Besides the grammar drawers, students will need mats to place the work on, colored pencils associated with the grammar colors, a grammar stencil to symbolize the parts of speech and special grammar paper. 


Grammar Materials



The Montessori mat helps define the space and learning materials. Students place their "grammar drawer" and contents on their mat and sort. 

Colored Pencil Holder


Students should be able to gather the resources they need in the classroom independently. 

Grammar Stencil


Students label grammar card work above with a picture symbol representing the part of speech and respective color. 

Grammar Symbols


Having wooden hands on symbols to go above the grammar work cards, will help students make the connection before transferring on paper. 

Grammar Projects


Let your students explore grammar work in an inventive way! Illustrations can come alive with grammar symbols and cards. 

Pencil Placement


Teaching our students to get only the materials they need (not more) is important. Use a wooden pencil holder to help students navigate the materials and plan ahead.