Reading Improvement Monitoring Plan


What is it?

A RIMP (short for Reading Improvement Monitoring Plan) is a document to establish concern with a students reading level. These documents are required by our state and school. We have to verify if a student is at a concerning reading level, and examine the areas in which their struggling in.  We have to compile four data points through the school year of their progress and development in each reading domain. The domains are: phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary/oral language, comprehension, and fluency. This evaluation begins in first grade and continues until fourth grade. Students can start the year on a RIMP and be taken off mid-year. 

How to implement in a Montessori environment:

The RIMP is so easy to implement in a Montessori classroom, especially if you think of all of your students on one! It's just an individualized plan to help your student grow in reading, so you'd want all of your students to be growing! The hardest difficulty about implementing a RIMP is the time constraints. None of my students want to be in a ninety minute reading class at one time; so we break into several opportunities through the whole day, giving them a break! 

Does it work?

The plan has nothing in place. You need to be a creative teacher who builds relationships with your students and encourages them to read. But, if you know about a student having a reading concern in first grade- could they be caught up by third? YES! Students will go through a reading explosion in the Lower Elementary classroom, so help them get all of the necessary steps to get to that explosion. Don't skip over things just so they are caught up on level. If my students cannot manipulate the sounds, we are not going into reading books and letters. 

Resources Available

If you are interested in the RIMP document we use (state official, but in a condensed version), we have a resource for you! If you want to know the developmental milestones, assessments, work plans and work ideas to build these concepts- we have a resource for you! Check out our TpT site in the teacher resource section! (To be uploaded at a later time by 7/1/19). If you have ANY questions about RIMP, please reach out! We'd be happy to help.